Brizzle kicks

Steve Jobs was the man!

Steve Jobs was the man!

Cheeky nomination!

Cheeky nomination!

Powerful day for packages!

Powerful day for packages!

Weekend in Cheltenham

NASS edits been doing the rounds!

NASS day 3

Sunday was all about the pro and street comps

Park was empty for the warm ups at 9am

Street comp went crazy

Back to the camp after witnessing some amazing skating

Time to pack up

Last wonder around the site

Seen as the weather was such a treat we hit up Glastonbury Tor on the way home, the walk definitely helped cure the hangover

Some of the locals weren’t so keen on us coming back down

The final leg home. Once again another amazing weekend at NASS!

NASS day 2

After the AM comp we headed off site and made our way to wells

Stretches and showers at the BHC household

Subway session

Cheeky skate at blue school before heading back

Party time

Festival fish!

NASS day 1

First look at Slaptap village in the light

Having site and athlete passes had its benefits, me and Chris sacked off putting up our tent and decided ‘hotel polo’ would be the best option for our sleeping arrangements for the next few nights

One of the best courses I’ve seen at NASS

Picked up my media pass

Slaptap stall was sick again this year

After some trouble with the wind, we decided a lowered gazebo was the best option

Party Polhill


No spirits on site apparently

Music time!

NASS time!

On Thursday night me and Chris set for NASS 2011

Quick stop at the Bodmin moor services

Coffee stop

Making progress

The rally track on the way in

Athlete registration took a lot longer than expected, didn’t make it on site till well after dark!

Day 3

Some morning inspiration

Time to hit the road

The chill before spot one

The chill after spot one

With the antics from the night before starting to take their toll, we decided to scrap street for the day and enjoy the sunshine at the best mini in the southwest

Si made some friends on the journey home

Day 2

On the road

A few spots down already, cheeky under rail sesh

Food time

Quick trick was had on this before we got booted

Perfect weather for an ice cream

One last spot before calling it a day

Plans of a early night went out the window, 3am walk home!